Welcome To The Green Party

Welcome to the Green Party of England and Wales. We are a progressive left sided political party and are seeking to make the UK as green as possible. As of 2016 we have a membership extending well over 60,000 members and we are one of the fastest growing parties in the country too. Clearly it is going to be a relatively difficult task to imagine us becoming one of the largest parties in the country – however we are hoping to grow our membership considerably over the next few years in the lead up to the 2020 general election. Our party was established way back in 1990, we were only a minor player in the political scene back then, however we have seen substantial growth and received our first parliamentary seat in the 2015 general election. As you can imagine this is a huge step in the right direction for the Green party and we are already anticipating a further 5 seats in the following general election.

Green Party

Our main emphasis, as insinuated by the title of our party, is the environment and specifically environmentalism with political ecology as a secondary step. Many people believe us to be a single issue party, solely focused upon making the UK and indeed the world a cleaner, greener place. However this is as far from the truth as possible, we have a very diverse proposition plan for the country that is aimed at tackling a large proportion of issues currently faced by the British people. We have a very long history of communitarian economic policies that are pioneering concepts for Britain and many of our policies have never before been considered by the traditionally elected British political parties; The Conservatives, The Labour Party and The Liberal Democrats. We also have a very strong, positive tendency to support certain social policies too, these include drug reform, animal rights, various civil liberties and for LBGT people too.

We have always stood by the working class people and believe in providing people with a basic living income a high living wage and want people to become increasingly active in democratic participation too. As it stands there are various different types of green parties in the UK and indeed the world, the British variants include; Wales Green Party, Scottish Green Party and of course the Green Party of England and Wales too. In addition to these locally situated parties we also have The European Green Party and in a wider umbrella sense the Global Greens too. All of these parties act together in certain situations and policies are regularly transferred between them. Interestingly enough, despite only having one seat of 650 seats within the UK democratic system, we have 3 of 64 in the European Parliament – from the English and Welsh seats and 2 of 25 seats in London too. As you can see, we’ve been doing extremely great stuff both inside the UK and across the world too.