Jailbreak PS4 Event

So today we have some unfortunate news, following our earlier gaming event that we put on in Camden last week. The remaining 4 PS4 consoles that we had left over were damaged and are currently illegal property – we therefore cannot use them in any subsequent events that we previously aimed to put on in London and throughout the United Kingdom this summer. It seems that somebody learned how to jailbreak PS4 consoles while they were at our event and as a result the Green party are not in a legal standing to be able to use these models. We have contacted Sony and asked them what their preference is for us to do in this situation and they have responded by allowing us to send them back in for new ones.

How to jailbreak PS4 consoles

Unfortunately this means that while we wait for new ones to be delivered to our head offices, we will be without them and completely unable to put on any other youth events relating to console gaming in the meantime. We are hoping that these deliveries will be coming in within the next two weeks and so we may, if we’re lucky, be able to get an event scheduled for around the middle of June – around a month from now. I think that we are probably going to have to monitor the usage of the consoles more closely from now on because we can’t risk this happening again – without potentially having to cease these events indefinitely. Fortunately with the ESL Pro League finals happening in London at the O2 Arena this weekend we will not require them as the majority of our staff will be there anyway.

Sony PS4

Aside from this, we are fortunate that Sony have also offered to send us a bonus console – completely free of charge because they appreciate that we recognised the issue, rectified it and contacted them so that we could resolve it in the best manner possible. The issue with having jailbroken PS4 consoles is that it enables players to use them and download any game that they want, breaking copyright laws and therefore rendering the consoles illegal at the moment of inception. It is difficult to actually fix these consoles once they have been modified as it involves downloading the original firmware of the PS4 and then reinstalling it – a dangerous process in itself because a slight mistake can render the PS4 completely unusable and therefore worthless, this was not a risk that we would ever consider taking giving the costs involved. We were also seriously concerned that an Xbox One jailbreak had also occurred, however these are notorious more difficult to do and are therefore far more unlikely to occur. Luckily for everybody involved we didn’t find that this was the case and were therefore able to keep the spare Xbox One consoles that we had for future events.

Please continue to check back to the Green Party’s youth blog posts and we will keep you notified of upcoming youth events in London and throughout the UK too.

Video Gaming Sessions

Today’s article is going to be writing about some video gaming sessions that we held with the Green Party of England and Wales’ youth group. We managed to get together a large number of 12 to 18 year olds, both boys and girls, for a large gaming competition held in North London. The event overall was a huge success and enabled us to have some very positive talks with the group regarding on going environmental crises that are facing our generation and future generations. The topics covered were pollution, fracking, oil drilling and general misuse of the environment – We first got everybody to choose a selection of games that they would like to play on with a survey sent out two weeks prior to the event. Following the results we purchased a selection of PS4 and Xbox One consoles for the group, they would ultimately be the prizes for the tournament. A wide range of different video gaming titles were chosen for each of the different consoles and everybody appeared to be very happy with the choices made – we all made sure to get involved too.

PS4 Games

The first tournament was FIFA 16 on the PS4, a total of 64 different players were involved in this first tournament – 49 boys and 15 girls. The tournament was a best of one elimination format, with the winner of each game passing through in to the successive round of the tournament. All in all this lasted for approximately 3 hours with the 4 different PS4 consoles that we had on site and Victor Bentor walked away with his PS4 as a prize. The second game was Counterstrike Global Offensive on the Xbox One, this is traditionally a PC based game and so it was difficult for the youths to actually get to grips with the controls using only a controller, however this didn’t stop them from having loads of fun on the popular title. This time there was over one hundred entries in our Camden offices and the teams were split using groups of 5. This enabled the different teams to practice their group and leadership skills. Unfortunately this event was not completed in the duration of the rest of the day, but we managed to get down to a list of 4 teams left for day number 2.

The following day everybody got back together after a good nights sleep and we saw the finals day play out, some excellent gaming fun was had and a few more talks were scheduled too. The finals would be played out in a best of three format, similar to what is seen in professional Counterstrike games today. These games went on for a total of 4 hours and Team Exit walked away with their prizes of an Xbox One console each. The event was so successful that by the end of it all, everybody was well up for more games late into the evening and we are already planning another event in the near future too.